2017-11-22 / Around Town

Election Process Starts Early

Preschoolers at Emmanuel Day School in Newport elected Morton

Park as their favorite playground during a mock election held

Thursday, Nov. 16. After the ballots were submitted, Newport Mayor

Harry Winthrop spoke to the children about democracy and read a “Cat in the Hat” book about voting. Madelyn Mazza, left, was one of the eager young voters. “The mayor is approachable to children, partly because of his widely recognized mustache,” said Olga Enger, co-chair of the school’s parent board. “His visit brought a lesson about community involvement to life for the children.” Winthrop gave the class pineapple pins, which has been Newport’s symbol of hospitality since the 1650s. “This means we are friends,” the mayor told the students. Before he left, several children gave the mayor a hug. (Photos by Jen Carter)

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