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Volvo Mania – Get Ready Race Village Opens May 8

Over the past many months, readers have seen articles on these pages about the challenges facing Newport and the island about further development, the education departments, and municipal finances. Development on the waterfront, in our historic districts, and conserving farmland, are the subjects of frequent meetings and leave many residents questioning whether or not they want to see such changes. During the upcoming months and years, Newport and Middletown will be faced with major expenditures regarding the conditions of the schools.

In contrast to these troublesome concerns, at a meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at the Discover Newport offices, about a dozen people gathered to lay some of the groundwork for the Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Newport in May 2018.

Kim Cooper, of Sail Newport, powered through an impressive presentation, filled with powerful sailing images, economic impact figures, race stats and more. Cooper, along with Brad Read, Sail Newport’s executive director, reviewed with those in attendance “the who, the what, and how much fun” the upcoming event will be. Cooper’s enthusiasm was palpable in her passionate declaration, “We have a billion ideas!”

“This is national, this is international, this is going to be big,” said Read, echoing Cooper’s enthusiasm.

For anyone who remembers the 2015 Volvo visit, now you’ve heard it: the 2018 event is going to be even bigger and better. Read reminisced that the last time Volvo came through, he gave 77 presentations about the event. He’s making the offer again to organizations or groups to come for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour, whatever it takes to get the word out.

Here at NTW we will be bringing you regular updates. This week, you can read about our local Vestas 11 th Hour Racing team and their win in leg one on page 9. To see one of the most dazzling and comprehensive websites created, visit volvooceanrace.com.

So, we all need to get ready for a new challenge, and help show the world what a great community we live in.

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