2017-10-26 / Opinion


A Freedom Leader Will be Missed

To the Editor:

The innovative approach taken by Lucy’s Hearth in opening its doors to men and addressing the homeless epidemic Newport This Week, (Oct. 5, 2017) will greatly benefit the community.

All too often, homeless shelters provide only stopgap measures providing a meal and a warm bed for the night, which does not address the underlying causes facing the individual seeking shelter.

In providing a holistic approach to addressing homelessness such as providing GED training, job search and money management skills, Lucy’s Hearth is equipping the family with important skills to escape the vicious cycle of poverty and to keep the family unit together.

Mark D. Edwards, MSW

Forward Thinking Appreciated

To the Editor:

The Newport County Branch – NAACP mourns the loss of Rabbi Marc Jagolinzer who was truly a spiritual and moral leader in our community for many years. He was our friend as he stood strong and tall for equality and justice. He was sincere in his belief that people should be treated with understanding, dignity, fairness, and respect. He was a strong advocate for all the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. He was a rabbi, a chaplain, a teacher, a consultant, a colleague, a consultant, a mentor, a columnist, an advisor, a story teller, and a family man. We send our condolences to his family and to his many friends. For sure, his legacy is one of community service and of faith, hope, and love.

James I. Winters

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