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In Support of Dawn Euer


To the Editor:

I had the pleasure of working with Dawn Euer when we both served the city of Newport volunteering on the Energy and Environment Commission. I saw first-hand how Dawn approached an issue in a holistic way. As an attorney, Dawn always had insight as to what would be involved when approaching different issues. She worked in a collaborative way, seeking input from all sides of an issue to come to conclusions in an efficient manner. This saved time and effort by getting everyone involved and on the same page from the start.

Dawn considers the effect policy maker’s decisions have on people’s lives and seeks fairness and balance for, and from, all parties involved. As well as being a champion for social justice, Dawn believes in a sensible business climate for the many small businesses that operate in District 13. Streamlining business regulation is one of her goals.

Much unlike some of the other candidates, Dawn identifies problems facing the constituents of District 13 and cites specific ideas on how to solve them, instead of making broad, ambiguous statements. Knowing the problems and having a pragmatic plan for solutions makes Dawn stand out from her competitors for the District 13 Senate seat.

Dawn has been involved with business regulation, anti-corruption in government, elderly and environmental issues, as well as several other issues. With her experience, knowledge and passion for people, I believe Dawn is the best person to represent District 13 for the best results in making everyone’s life better. I hope you will join me on Aug. 22 in electing Dawn Euer to be our senator for District 13.

Doug Sabetti

NDCC Endorses Euer

To the Editor:

Now that the Democratic Primary for Senate District 13 seat is over, the Newport Democratic City Committee and the Jamestown Democratic Town Committee would like to thank and congratulate Democratic candidates Dawn Euer, David Hanos, John Florez, and David Allard for their informative and vigorous campaign. This primary resulted in a wide range of useful proposals that will serve to help people living and working in Newport and Jamestown.

The NDCC and the JDTC extend very special congratulations to Dawn Euer for being the top vote-getter. At its Aug. 7 meeting, the NDCC unanimously endorsed Euer for the District 13 seat in the general election on Aug. 22. We are very pleased that Dave Hanos, John Florez, and David Allard have pledged their support as well.

Dawn is an exceptionally qualified person who is ready to assume the responsibilities of becoming our next Senator from District 13 in the General Assembly. She understands the needs of the people and has demonstrated this understanding by working directly with community initiatives that are focused on helping others. She really cares about the economy and jobs, assuring educational opportunities for all, the challenges facing the elderly, health care, housing, the environment, transparency and accountability in government, civil and human rights, strong relationships with the U.S. Navy and defense industry, historic preservation, public safety, the tourism and fishing industries, and small businesses.

Dawn is an attorney who devotes a lot of her time and energy with non-profit organizations that are concerned with enriching the lives of people in the community. She is affiliated with Energy & Environment Commission of Newport, BikeNewport, Health Equity Zone, RI Center for Justice, NAACP Newport County Branch, and the Pro Bono Collaborative at Roger Williams University School of Law. She is knowledgeable about and experienced with the legislative process at the State House.

Fair-minded and hard-working, Dawn is well-prepared to fight for the people of Senate District 13. She is smart, compassionate, independent minded, reasonable, affable, well-informed on the issues, sensitive, and a good listener. She knows the importance of being responsive to citizen concerns so she will take phone calls and emails and conduct meetings so that we know that we are being heard and are being helped.

We urge everyone in Senate District 13 (Jamestown & Newport) to vote for Dawn Euer on August 22. She will do an outstanding job in representing us.

J. Clement Cicilline, Chair
Newport Democratic
City Committee
Anne Livingston, Chair
Jamestown Democratic Town

Taxpayers, Send a Message

To the Editor:

On Aug. 22, taxpayers will have the opportunity to send a message to leadership that it is time to get serious about making Rhode Island attractive to business in order to support and sustain our economy by voting for Mike Smith.

Our “tenured” Democratic leaders have done little over the last 15-20 years to change the competitive brand of Rhode Island. Our beautiful state, with its bountiful natural and historic resources, more temperate seasons, located along the country’s Boston to Washington megalopolis, is one of two states losing population! Why?

I am reminded of last week’s decision of Foxconn, a global manufacturer of flat screen displays, to locate its new $10 billion factory in southeastern Wisconsin, spurring Illinois primarily because Illinois has a 5-ton anvil hanging overhead in the form of significant unfunded pension obligations, high taxes, oppressive regulations and serious ethics issues. Sound familiar?

One only has to read the Rhode Island media headlines to understand that our state is in the same boat as Illinois. The Rhode Island business brand is highly flawed, and the Democrat’s extreme left candidate, Dawn Euer, will just exacerbate our state’s current sub-par performance.

GOP candidate Mike Smith offers a clear alternative for smaller government, lower taxes, less business regulations, and uncompromising ethics for leadership. Make your vote count and send a message. Vote for Mike Smith.

Larry Girouard

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