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Vote Smith Aug. 22


To the Editor:

As a young professional in Newport, I am voting for Michael Smith for Senate on Aug. 22.

I came to my decision because Mike is the only candidate who is laser-focused on the economy.

Recently, I read a USA Today study showing Rhode Island to have the third worst attrition rate in the nation for college students, citing that a staggering 70 percent of them leave the state after graduation.

I have seen firsthand the reality of that study, with so many of my own friends forced to leave the state to find better jobs and opportunity.

This, combined with the unending rise in costs of living and taxes, makes it clear to see why so many businesses and families are moving out of Newport and Jamestown.

Mike is the only candidate pointing out the obvious: that there are fewer children and families in our city now than ever before, and that we are too dependent on seasonal tourism. We must become a diverse and year-round economy.

Mike Smith is a local small-business owner raising his family in Newport, and that right there says a lot.

I love my city and state, and want nothing more than to grow old here; however my only hope is to change the direction of our state, which is currently heading nowhere but down.

That will all change when we elect Michael Smith on Tuesday, Aug. 22.

Rachel Hussey

Tournament is a True Success

To the Editor:

I want to commend you on your coverage of the 41st Newport Invitational Lifeguard Tournament, which I started in 1977, as you reported. It is wonderful that this event has kept going all these years. I left Newport in 1978 to embark upon my professional career and I come back for a few months to spend time here now and enjoy the beaches of Aquidneck Island.

I also would like the opportunity to make sure you know the facts. First, I was a lifeguard at Sachuest Beach initially, then spent several years at Spouting Rock Beach, a.k.a., Baileys Beach. It was from Spouting Rock Beach that I launched the first lifeguard tournament in 1977.

Second, the first lifeguard tournament was more than just a small local competition and bragging rights. The first tournament included 12 teams and over 150 lifeguards from as far down south as Atlantic City, New Jersey. It was recognized for the first two years when I ran it as the best and most competitive lifeguard competition on the East Coast. But over the years it has been difficult for them to make the trip up from New Jersey and New York and budgetary support for this kind of thing is difficult.

I am glad the competition is still alive. Sorry to challenge the article, but I am sure with all journalism, your goal is good, inspiring and factual journalism.

Ray Mey
Park City, Utah

Newport This Week thanks Ray Mey for clarifying the information on the lifeguard tournament. (See letter above.)

Climate Change Issue in Perspective

To the Editor:

There has been discussion in these pages recently about climate change and especially about the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, which in essence transferred vast amounts of money from developed countries to undeveloped countries not to develop. That concept is not only counterproductive, but goes against the incentive of betterment of people around the world to include the proliferation of world government.

In my 70 some years on earth, money going to many if not most of these places never reaches those most in need and presupposes not-so- democratic governments acting in the best interests of its people. For the most part, this does not happen.

Going to the essence of, initially global warming and now the more politically correct term of climate change, the only evidence of such happenings is developed through models, not hard data, which can be made to go wherever the author wishes through input scenarios. We used to call it in the early computer days as garbage in, garbage out. Not a firm basis to spend any money, especially trillions of dollars.

John Colman, scientist and founder of The Weather Channel, states that those scientists purported manmade global warming are being paid to say so through lucrative grants for these studies. Hence, the "97 percent agree" term thrown about relates to those being paid, and not the community of scientists. It is a false narrative. He states the issue has become political, not scientific. He says science is about facts, not speculation. There is no consensus in science and never is any. That’s not science.

Sweden’s University of Gothenburg analyzed climate models to see how closely their predictions fit with history and determined it seemed like guesswork more than solid science.

We all are aware of East Anglia’s scandal manipulation of data to meet purported needs.

Flooding in certain sections of Newport is the result of stormwater infrastructure being aged (very old) and in need of upgrading and repair, and is part of the city’s plans for rehabilitation. As far as the ocean rising, the most recent NASA data shows that sea level has dropped two millimeters. This, of course, has not been reported. It does not meet the narrative.

Daily, hundreds of volcanoes erupt above ground and in the oceans. Anyone who can watch a volcanic eruption and think we can dictate to Mother Nature any aspect of her actions is fooling themselves; although it is a good way to make money. Ask Al Gore. Remember, when Leif Erikson sailed down past Greenland before Columbus, Greenland was being farmed. It’s frozen today. The climate is changing and will always change and man will adhere to whatever Mother Nature determines.

The global warming research ship Amundsen, in the Arctic, abandoned its mission, due to too much ice. Two years in a row.

Bill Falcone, Newport
Retired staff director of the RI Water
Resources Board, past president of
the RI Water Works Association

Where is the Eloquence?

To the Editor:

The integrity of our town and its heritage hang in the balance as plans to construct a visitors’ center at The Breakers progresses. If we allow this to happen, we are opening all of Bellevue Avenue to similar “restaurants.” The Preservation Society’s interests lie with how much money they stand to make off this project rather than with preserving the historical nature of the grounds. Was there no resistance on this visitors' center plan from the PSNC board of directors? Stop them now before they ruin our town with their idea of grand eloquence, restaurants all along Bellevue. In orchestrating this travesty, they do not have our best interests at heart.

Barbara Lloyd Baker

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