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Looking to a Future Run

To the Editor:

I want to take the time to personally thank everyone who was involved in the Hanos team running for Senate. Thank you! This has been a swift journey with a lot of life experience and meeting new friends with great ideas and vision. I especially want to thank Colin Martin, a young new star in the political arena who managed our campaign. Colin far exceeded my expectations of his level of professionalism, creativity and organizational skills. To Colin, great job on your very first campaign. We did pretty well.

To all the other hard-working and dedicated friends, I thank Teresa, Kathy, Kristin, Nick, Mike, Chris, Joe, Jakub, Kevin, Jeanne and, of course, my family Teresa, Dave, Caitlyn , Jillian and Jordyn for all the support and help.

To the other candidates remaining in the race, I wish you well as it's hot and the door knocking will continue. To the candidates with me watching, good job and thanks for the kinds words as well .

I find it amazing every day the kind words from folks thanking me for running and wishing us well. It’s a great community we live in and I will be back for another shot in the near future. The next several months will allow me to focus again on improving our public schools as that is my No. l goal. My desire to continue to expand our Career Tech School to better train our students for employment out of high school is a vision of mine that is coming to reality.

In closing, I know there are folks I’ve missed, but that doesn’t mean you’re not in my thoughts. From the words of my manager, “Team Hanos has hit the pause button on our mission,” but we will be back again.

David Hanos

A Celebration of the First Ammendment

To the Editor:

Earlier this month, Newport celebrated both our nation’s Declaration of Independence and one of the most important guarantees that independence ensured: freedom of religion.

In a new addition to the many annual activities that make Newport's Independence Day one of the most meaningful in America, the First Freedom Open House tour gave locals and visitors an opportunity to honor America's commitment to “liberty of conscience” and religious diversity. That commitment, of course, had existed in Newport and the rest of Rhode Island since our founding.

Doors were opened at 12 houses of worship, representing a variety of religions and denominations. It was an intriguing mix of congregations, including Baptists, theological descendants of the Dr. John Clarke and other Newport founders; as well as Congregationalists, whose theological ancestors, the Puritans, at one time drove “religious dissenters” out of Massachusetts in order to maintain conformity. Such dissenters included Rhode Island founders Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson, as well as Dr. Clarke, who founded our first settlements on principles later incorporated into the Bill of Rights.

Joining with Baptist and Congregational churches were Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Catholic and Jewish congregations. The Newport Historical Society opened two of Newport’s most historic buildings: the Great Friends Meeting House and the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House. At the Colony House, where the Declaration of Independence was read to the people of Newport in 1776 and is now read annually on Independence

Day, NHS also honored the building’s contribution to religious diversity in Newport. Colony House is thought to be the site of Rhode Island's first Roman Catholic mass, back when the largely Catholic French army used the building as a hospital and chapel during the Revolutionary War.

All these groups united in celebrating the First Amendment to the Constitution and the diversity that grows where religious liberty and church-state separation exist. Hundreds of people took advantage of this opportunity to visit one or more of the participating buildings, making a combined total of more than 1,300 site visits.

The 4 Faiths Tour committee, which organized the event, wishes to thank the staff and volunteers of all the participating houses of worship for making this event possible: St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church, Community Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, United Baptist Church, Channing Unitarian Church, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Touro Synagogue, Trinity Church, and Newport Congregational Church. We thank as well the Newport Historical Society for opening their historic sites and working to ensure a successful event.

Finally, we give special thanks to Discover Newport, whose generous support made it possible to add this unique and memorable event to Newport’s Independence Day celebration. A shout-out as well to Newport This Week for ensuring this event was included in their coverage of Independence Day activities.

Chuck Flippo
4 Faiths Tour Committee

Bicyclists Must Follow Same Rules

To the Editor:

We are all for sharing the roadways with folks on bikes. But they really need to obey the rules of the road just like car drivers do.

I have seen many just whip through an intersection instead of stopping. If a car goes through an intersection, it may be caught on camera or a police officer might be there to see it. Then the car is either stopped or ticketed. No one pays attention to bikes. Maybe classes need to become mandatory for bike riders.

Now with "sharrows" on Broadway, if a car is already backing out and a bike approaches, the bike should have to stop, just like any car would. But no, the person usually screams at the driver or sometimes has gotten hit. I live on Broadway and we have seen many near accidents.

Someone needs to educate both bike and auto drivers.

Beatrice Brush

Thanks for the Memories

To the Editor:

Being a Newport Music Festival goer since moving to Rhode Island a decade ago has been the best of experiences.

July has been a month of pleasure for my husband, myself and many of our friends. We never leave town during July due to the Newport Music Festival performances. We always make sure that there are many concerts that we and our friends attend because they are so outstanding.

The musicians are some of the finest from all over the world. The venues are special and the wonderful feeling of friendship between the Malkovich family, musicians, volunteers and community is unique. The Newport Music Festival is a treasure.

My heart, as well as many others, is saddened by the change that has occurred. Change can be sometimes good, but not this change, which was brought about by some members of the board of directors. This was an unexpected, unwanted and unneeded change for many musicians, volunteers, concert goers, and the Malkovich family.

Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the Newport Music Festival. How sad to have this "change" occur after 49 remarkable seasons.

My appreciation to the festival family, which has given me fond memories of all the beautiful concerts that I have experienced.

Terry Lorenz

Support and Donations Appreciated

To the Editor:

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) Team Newport hosted its seventh annual golf tourney at Jamestown golf course on July 8 to benefit America’s severely injured veterans. The event included a nine-hole scramble competition, raffle and auction, and a cookout luncheon. One hundred participants attended this charity event, including active duty Naval personnel, the WWP fundraising team, and 72 golfers.

In addition, supporting this event were numerous local businesses and individuals. The generosity of the following members of the community effected the success of the event and their donations are greatly appreciated. A total of $7,500 was raised for the Wounded Warriors.

Buskers Pub, Napa Auto, Zeldas, White Horse Tavern, The Landing & Lobster Bar, D’Angelos Sandwich Shop, Chuck Bolduc, IHOP, Newport Storm, A-1 Pizza, Diegos & The Wharf Pub, Jane Pickens Theater, Newport Boat Show, Custom House Coffee, Backyard Restaurant,

Audrain Auto Museum, AAA Motor Club, Oldport Marine, Brick Alley Pub, M/V Gansett Tour, Caleb and Broad Restaurant, Newport Vineyards, Navy Fed Credit Union, Nicolas Pizza, Point Wine and Spirits, Mudville Pub, Amica Insurance, Aquidneck Liquor, Siam Square, Mews Tavern, Applebees, Home Depot, Eye Care RI, Ocean State Insurance, Rose Cottage Newport, Allied Floor Covering, Preservation Society of Newport County, Ryan Broz, 22 Bowens, Home Healthsmith, Titelist Corp., Newport Glass, Sail Newport, Dr. M. Breede, Newport Music Festival, Newport Hardware, Newport Athletic Club, AOH, Joanna Chewning, O’Briens Pub, Mark Cirilo, Green Valley C.C., Farrar And Assoc., Jamestown Golf Club, Bill Sizeland, Wanumetonomy Country Club, BMW Newport, Montaup Golf Course, Greg Fater Attorney, Newport National Golf Course, Art Weber, Bridge Liquors, Jon Mistowski, Newport Gulls.

Thank you all very much.

Mike Holty, Proud Supporter,
Wounded Warrior Project

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