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What to Expect with Euer

Letter to the Editor:

In the late 1980s I was chairman of the Newport Zoning Board of Review when a young attorney named Teresa Paiva Weed started appearing before the board. She was competent, but I never thought she would go into politics or would go very far if she did.

Boy, was I mistaken!

Now another young attorney is running for the Senate seat that Paiva Weed filled with such distinction. But unlike my initial impressions of former Sen. Paiva Weed, I know what this young lawyer, Dawn Euer, can do.

As a member of the Campaign Committee of Citizens Concerned About Casino Gambling, I spent many mornings with her in weekly strategy sessions, and watched while she helped guide a winning campaign that kept Newport from becoming a glittery venue for out-of-town gambling interests.

Based on my personal knowledge of Dawn Euer, here’s what we can expect if she is elected in this summer’s special election for a new state senator:

• She will “hit the ground running” and be ready to represent District 13 right from the opening gavel. That’s because she already knows her way around the statehouse, how the committees operate, where they meet, who the players are. She won’t have a long learning curve before she can make a difference.

• As a lawyer, she can read the fine print; she won’t let important bills slip past her because she didn’t or couldn’t grasp the details. She can negotiate, work with opponents, persuade fence-sitters, and get things done. She will be a strong representative for those of us who live in Newport and Jamestown.

• Finally, she will be fiercely independent, not one of “the old boy's club” who have been used to wheeling and dealing among themselves. Although she is definitely a Democrat, Dawn is not backed by entrenched political interests, has no party machine behind her, and her loyalty will be to her constituents.

We need Dawn Euer in the Rhode Island Senate. I urge you to vote for her.

Roland F. Chase

Be Sure to Vote

To the Editor:

I write to you this warm July day to ask for your vote on July 18 in the Democratic primary for the Senate District 13 seat.

I am asking you for a few reasons. The first is that I live in Newport and Jamestown. I grew up here. I know more about this place than any of my challengers and I will fight harder because it's like a family to me and we all know blood is thicker than water.

The next reason is I have a firm belief we need to do a better job paying folks higher wages who tend to our ever-growing elderly population. These are the folks who made our lives possible and I will never forget that. Another reason is the small business climate in R.I. is not good. As a small-business owner, I feel the pain of the folks who struggle to ensure R.I. government has all the “paperwork and documentation” on time so we don’t get fines and penalties and more than that, not getting properly covered.

My final and most important issue is our public educational system; we must do a better job. My initiative to resurrect the Newport County Tech Center has been a huge success and we’ve already increased our enrollment by 70 percent since I took office and became chair of the Newport School Committee.

As a career firefighter, I’ve been blessed to enter into your homes at all hours and at all times to see what ails us all with this hands-on knowledge. I know what it is we need from our government.

At the end of the day, folks, I’m your voice, your conduit and your next senator to represent Newport and Jamestown. Please join this movement and vote David Hanos on July 18. I humbly ask all of my Newport and Jamestown friends, families and neighbors. I will not let you down, that’s a promise.

If you need a ride, call me at 401- 418-2003 and I assure you I will get you to your polling place. I sit here committed to you and our great city to better it for all of us!

David Hanos
Candidate Senate Dist. 13

A Senator We Can Trust

To the Editor:

It was May 10. I just finished my freshman year at Boston College, and my summer of leisure was slated to begin, or so I thought. I was in the car ride home when I received the text that would shake up my vacation before it even began.

The text was from David Hanos, whose daughters have been my longtime friends since I was four years old. After several weeks of conversation, and much to my surprise, he asked if I wanted to be his campaign manager. I had never assumed a position in politics before, yet I knew that the journey in front of us would be uncharted waters worth traveling.

Over the past two months, I have come to know a man who has embedded himself in our community for 46 years. A 23-year veteran of the Newport Fire Department, Dave has selflessly served the City of Newport longer than all his opponents have lived here combined. He embodies the spirit and definition of what it means to be a public servant, and has been here long enough to become woven into the fabric of our community.

Many candidates have an aspiration to lead, but few are able to garner the trust of their constituents, a trust forged from years of selfless civic involvement. It is a trust that they will uphold the ethical principles affirmed under oath, and a trust that they will hold dear the notion that a rising tide lifts all boats. I trust David Hanos with all this and more.

I trust the product and chairman of Newport Public Schools with the education of our youth.

I trust the parent of children in the workforce to grow sustainable jobs.

I trust the emergency responder with the continued care of our seniors.

I trust the candidate with the endorsement of Teresa Paiva Weed to continue her fantastic work in the legislature.

I invite the people of Newport and Jamestown to join myself, former Senate President Jeanne-Marie Napolitano, Ray Gomes, and many other community leaders in the support of David Hanos for State Senate. Our community needs a leader with the understanding of where we’ve come from, and the vision for where we’ll go next. There is only one lifelong Newporter and career-long public servant in this race. I trust David Hanos to provide the best quality of life for our citizens, and the best prospects of hope for our future.

Colin Martin

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