2017-06-15 / From The Garden

Pots, Container Gardening!

By Cynthia Gibson

(Photos courtesy ofCynthia Gibson) (Photos courtesy ofCynthia Gibson) Pots are for the moveable feast in your garden. If you garden in pots, or any other type of garden box, it is called container gardening. Creating a mini-garden in containers can be rewarding, beautiful and delicious!

Here are a few tips that go with container gardening.

. The more plants you put in a pot the slower the plants will grow, as the plants also absorb soil, along with water.

. Remember to fertilize at least once a month.

. Never recycle soil, only use fresh potting soil every year. Invest in a small jar of time release all-purpose plant fertilizer. It will last for at least three years.

. Cement and terracotta pots will dry out faster than fiberglass or plastic.

. Water frequently, twice a day on scorching summer days.

. At the end of summer or in the fall remember to pull out your dead plants and throw away the soil.

. Turn cement pot upside down. For glazed and terracotta containers remove the soil and store in a garage, shed or basement for the winter.

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