2017-06-15 / From The Garden

Organic Solutions for Garden Bugs

By Cynthia Gibson

The soil is warm and we’ve had rain, so there are plenty of damp leaves and the grass is growing. That makes for a breeding ground for garden insects.

The moth eggs have hatched and the destructive caterpillars are munching through leaves and fruit trees. Aphids are a tiny enemy, extracting the sugars and moisture from flowers, vegetables and fruit leaves.

The Japanese beetle attacks vegetables and flowers with a vengeance. Getting rid of this insect is not complicated, but it takes time. First, try an organic remedy. If there is an infestation, consult with a nursery or garden center for recommendations on a synthetic pesticide. Spreading Milky Spore on your lawns for two straight years in the fall will rid your property of Japanese beetles.

Diatomaceous Earth is an organic alternative and can be sprinkled on top of the garden soil. Be careful when using dish soap with water to rid your garden of aphids. Many dish soaps include bleach and other chemicals. Look for a simple dish soap, buy a small sprayer, fill it with water and pour two tablespoons of liquid dish soap into one gallon water.

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