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ALN Takes Steps to Avoid Partiality

To the Editor:

The Alliance For A Livable Newport (ALN) is proud of its reputation for being an unbiased source of information regarding issues affecting the City of Newport, including the election of public officials.

Recently, that reputation for impartiality has been questioned as a result of an ALN board member and officer playing a role in the election campaign of a declared candidate for the open State Senate seat representing Newport and Jamestown.

Sensitive to such concerns, ALN had already taken the following action:

• A leave of absence of the director/ officer involved in the election campaign was accepted, both from that individual’s role as an officer and as a member of the Board of Directors.

• ALN has discontinued its efforts to sponsor a primary candidates’ debate and a final candidates’ debate for the State Senate election.

As individuals, ALN officers and board members have the right to support candidates and issues of their choosing, as long as it is independent of the ALN organization. But as an organization, ALN has never, and will never, actively support or oppose any candidate for public office. That is not our role. In this situation, while there has been no support given to a candidate by the organization, ALN is taking these steps to avoid even an appearance of partiality.

Ron Becker, Co-President
John Hirschboeck, Co-President
Alliance For A Livable Newport


To the Editor:

Just heard RI General Assembly is passing a law that Rhode Islanders do not hate. Good for them. It has to do with those slow left lane hangers who make us break the law by passing on the right. While I was in Germany you would get a ticket ($200 in 1971) for being in the left lane while not passing someone on the autobahn. They took a picture from an overpass and mailed you the ticket. Better late then never here in RI.

Does that mean that all drivers from Massachusetts will be ticketed in Rhode island?

Bill Falcone

Citizenship is an Honor

To the Editor:

It was with great pleasure that I picked up the May 4 copy of Newport This Week and read the article, "Learning About Their Land of the Free and the Brave." As one who has gone through the process from Green Card holder to citizen, I applaud this detailed article of what an immigrant goes through to attain citizenship.

It is not easy to obtain a Green Card, despite what the current administration would have us believe, and those that do acquire one deserve to be rewarded with citizenship after they have jumped through the necessary hoops and paid the exorbitant fee. I admire Nancy, her husband Carlos, Elmer, and all those who were interviewed for the article. As a white woman with English as my first language, the process was a relative breeze. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it must be for them. I wish I'd had Dan Donoghue coaching me through the process. That would have been a big help. However, my experience with immigration officers was positive, and they were most helpful and sympathetic, so one can only hope that is always the case no matter what color the applicant is, and what language they speak.

It's interesting that those interviewed stated their wish to vote, citing the current administration as impetus, as that was also why I finally made this huge decision some years ago during the Bush administration. I'm so glad that I did.

Jacqueline Tomlinson

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