2017-05-18 / News Briefs

Reusable Bags a New Hot Commodity

Move over penny loafers, reusable bags are the new hot accessory in Newport. On March 8, Newport City Council passed an ordinance that prohibits retailers from providing single-use plastic bags at the point-of- sale. Between now and Nov. 1, when the ordinance goes into effect, the Newport Re-Uses campaign will engage residents, visitors and businesses by providing educational materials and answering questions about the transition. At the Broadway Cumberland Farms, manager Jason Mello says his store got ready for the transition early and now offers three sizes of brown paper bags to customers.

The campaign will kick off at the Colony House in Washington Square on Friday, May 19 at 1 p.m. To further support the initiative, local environmentalist Lisette Prince has donated the production of 9,000 Newport Re-Uses reusable bags that will be made available around Newport. “This single, small change will have a healthful, long-term impact on our city’s environment,” says Council Vice Chair Lynn Ceglie, who has worked on the campaign along with Councilors Susan Taylor and Jamie Bova.

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