2017-03-30 / Opinion


All This in the First 90 Days?

Let us lift up our glass, now that winter has roared,
We survived a March colder than any fjord.
Winters are so very harsh when they are boreal.
(Almost as pointed as this timely editorial).
The New Year’s first quarter, unlike any yet seen,
Newsmakers, Breakers, and shakers in 2017.
And I’m not even mentioning the national scene,
News enough on Aquidneck Island, you know what I mean?
So, here is the Tweet, the lowdown, the buzz
For the quarter turn year that just was.
Middletown native Ret. General Michael Flynn,
Was forced, after just three weeks, to pack it all in
As President Trump’s National Security Adviser;
Private discussions, with Russians, made him sadder, but wiser.
Trump then turned to Newport’s Philip Bilden to rebuild our ships
As the new Secretary of the Navy; but he withdrew his chips.
And speaking of ships that patrol the ocean,
The Newport City Council may buy one with one single motion –
A 37-foot Moose Catamaran fireboat with bucket,
That officials say won’t cost taxpayers one single ducat.
Sen. Teresa Paiva Weed was just wild about HARI,
When that Presidency opened up, she didn’t tarry.
She stepped down as Senate President to further health care.
And filling her void at the State House? Say a prayer.
The Rogers High cell tower still loomed ugly over the horizon.
Three lessees are still begging to rent it, led by Verizon.
Feeling the need to do something environmentally drastic,
The Councils of Newport and Middletown banned all bags plastic.
Councilor Lynn Ceglie, say what???
You want Broadway merchants to pick up every cigarette butt?
Get set to transfer the former Navy Lodge acreage,
Closed Naval Base parcels, now Middletown’s for the takerage.
Speaking of zoning, R.I. Supreme Court upheld another court’s opinion,
That the Newport Zoning Board will hold final dominion,
Over the proposed Welcome Center to be built at the Breakers,
[That Bellevue Ochre Point Neighbors pray won’t have takers].
Speaking of Bellevue, a family there stubbornly continues to squawk
Over the fence they may have illegally raised on Cliff Walk.
State officials have told them to take it and ‘Git!’
But they have applied for an as-built permit.
The owners of KJ’s Restaurant hope to replace it with a boutique hotel.
That’s just swell.
Who legally controls the finial rimonim bells of Synagogue Touro?
A Boston court will decide who is against the sale and who is for-o.
Cluny School is closing after many a decade.
A Catholic institution which has seen enrollment fade.
Middletown’s Madi Lyman; You have to be for her,
She became the Islanders all-time basketball scorer.
Gov. Raimondo hopes her Bernie-inspired plan comes to fruition,
To give in-state students attending R.I. schools free tuition.
Does any local millionaire have a spare palladium?
The Pawtucket Red Sox, with no space, can’t build a new stadium.
The state slogan ‘Cooler Warmer’ was flushed with the waste.
But, duh! It hasn’t been replaced.
Barrington native Sean Spicer attacked the press
Each time Boss Trump experienced left wing duress.
Tom Brady won a wicked fifth Super Bowl honah.
Then they found his stolen game jerseys down in Tijuana.
38 Studios was investigated, but no official got the blame.
If only that intrigue and chicanery had become a video game.
Wow! As Ocean Drive is enveloped in a pre-spring haze,
Has it really only been the first 90 days?

By James Merolla

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