2017-03-02 / From The Garden

New Vegetables for 2017

By Cynthia Gibson

March is the month to select seeds for indoor planting that will be transplanted outdoors by the end of April.

What is exciting for any gardener is seeing what's new for the coming season. New hybrids are always great to peruse, and seed for special heirloom veggies are also a treat.

New this spring is lots of color and unusual flavor. There is the mild Mad Hatter pepper, which looks like a tri-corn hat and has an unexpected citrus taste. It only takes three months from plant to ripened fruit, so it is perfect for our region. The peppers are great and can be picked while they are green, but they are at their best when ripened on the vine to a brilliant red.

Burpee has a new hybrid tomato, Cloudy Day, that is perfect for our growing zone. The tomato can withstand cloudy or foggy conditions and is bred for areas with a short growing season.

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