2017-03-02 / Around Town

Scully on Screen

By Ross Sinclair Cann

Movies are like architecture in that they depend on the fourth dimension: time. They unfold and reveal their secrets through a slow interaction with the person experiencing them.

The Newport Art Museum will screen the Checkerboard Films documentary “Vincent Scully: An Art Historian Among Architects” at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 9 during its monthly Art After Dark program.

Dr. Scully is noted for bringing the architecture of the city by the sea to a much broader audience through his work with Antoinette Downing, titled “The Architectural Heritage of Newport, Rhode Island.” He taught “Survey of American Architecture” at Yale University for five decades, influencing not only future architects, but thousands of students who became doctors, lawyers, academics and business leaders.

While I have not seen the film, I studied with Scully during his long and rich career, so I eagerly await the documentary that captures his powerful impact on architecture and architectural history both nationally and in Newport.

The screening will be followed by a reception and a panel discussion of his life and work.

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