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Hurley Leads Off Double Headliner Comedy Show

By James Merolla

Christine Hurley is a Boston screamer and fashion maven who draws her comedy from the antics of her five children and her firefighter husband, who is also her career-launching manager and the vodka to her SlimFast (her staple drink).

Plymouth’s Hurley will lead off the double headliner show with New Yorker Nick Griffin at the Newport Winter Festival, in association with the Newport Comedy Series, on Feb. 24 at Gurney’s Resort & Marina, formerly the Hyatt Newport. She has been called the funniest female comic in Massachusetts, if not all of New England.

Newport This Week hurled a few questions at Hurley.

NTW: What do you draw your material from? Hurley: My material is mostly about my husband, Jimmy, and our kids, but it is sprinkled with stories involving grandparents, in-laws, friends and people we interact with on most days, teachers, coaches, etc.

NTW: Do you ever yell at them, "Hey, Mommy needs material…do something stupid!" Hurley: Never had to! Something always seems to come up, as I am pretty sure these types of things happen in every house. I've always been lucky enough to find something funny in stupid, catastrophic goings-on.

NTW: Where does Christine Hurley the mom end, and CH the comic begin? Hurley: I'm like this all the time. There has always been a lot of laughing in our house, so I think that is why comedy found me. I didn't necessarily go looking for it. But the professional end is getting glammed up, putting on something pretty and telling my stories on stage with a captive audience. One of my favorite things about performing is the getting-ready part.

NTW: Can you draw comparisons between your home, Plymouth, and Newport? Hurley: I actually had the pleasure of performing in Newport once before and it was wonderful. What a beautiful, friendly place! I feel like Plymouth and Newport are a lot alike. Plymouth is kind of the "Whiskey Tango" version of Newport.

NTW: How did your career evolve? Were you always the spark at parties? High school? Walmart? Hurley: My dad, Jim McNamara, is the funniest person I have ever known. Everywhere we went, when I was little, everyone wanted to be around my dad. He made everyone around him laugh. Luckily, I have managed to take after him. My brain always processed things to come out funny, although I was very quiet, even all through high school. My career evolved after I started having our kids. I was almost a prisoner at home, so every chance I could, I would go to Walmart, or PTA meetings, Tupperware parties, etc., and I naturally progressed into telling people: "Guess what happened to me today!"

NTW: Why do you think there are so many funny people from the Boston area? Hurley: I think it's in the Dirty Water. I travel quite a bit, and there is absolutely no comedy better than Boston comedy.

NTW: Feeling lucky, then? Hurley: I am absolutely the luckiest person I know. I honestly love my job, everything about it. My husband is my biggest fan. I owe him practically all of the credit for my career. His support is immeasurable. He got me my first gig and has managed to keep me booked up solid for the past 10 years. He also drives me, or travels with me, to 90 percent of my shows. We make a great team.

NTW: Do guests at your show get a complimentary SlimFast mixed with vodka? Hurley: They have to supply the vodka. I will supply the SlimFast. Newportwinterfestival.com.


What: Comedy Show
Where: Gurney's Newport
Resort, One Goat Island
When: Friday, Feb. 24, 8:30 p.m.
Cost: $28/$22 w/bracelet
More Info: 401-847-7666

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