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City Employees Recognized for Service

By Barry Bridges

Paul Rodrigues (second from left), the City of Newport's 2016 Employee of the Year, with Scott Wheeler,Thomas Harrop, and William Riccio. 
(Photo courtesy of Worldways) Paul Rodrigues (second from left), the City of Newport's 2016 Employee of the Year, with Scott Wheeler,Thomas Harrop, and William Riccio. (Photo courtesy of Worldways) At the City of Newport’s annual employee service awards ceremony held recently at the Mainstay Inn, city officials took the time to acknowledge 65 municipal employees who reached service anniversaries in 2016, as well as 13 employees who retired last year.

“Today marks the 20th year that we have paused to celebrate and thank our municipal employees for the excellence each brings to our municipality,” said the city’s Director of Human Resources Michael Coury, who served as master of ceremonies at the Jan. 20 event. “We have assembled to recognize the dedicated service of our employees and to extend our heartfelt thanks … for the tremendous value each of you bring to the City of Newport through your hard work and dedication.”

Paul Rodrigues, a foreman with the Department of Public Services, was named by his peers as the 2016 Employee of the Year. He was chosen from among 12 candidates nominated by the city’s 315 full-time employees.

“Professional, cooperative, dedicated and respectful to others are just a few of the words that describe [Rodrigues],” said Coury. “He is an example of the dedication to service that should be emulated by all employees of this city.”

Also offering remarks to the day’s honorees were Mayor Harry Winthrop and City Manager Joe Nicholson. “I’d like to give everyone my personal thank you for everything that you do for the city,” said Winthrop. “A Rolls Royce does not operate without the engine.”

Surveying the room, Nicholson reiterated his appreciation for the city’s workforce. “I can’t say enough good things about you. No matter what you do, you all do a magnificent job. You’re a credit to this community, and that can’t be stressed enough.”

Coury said that Newport is one of the few, and perhaps the only, municipality in Rhode Island to host such an event. “This is the only time of year that we formally thank our employees,” he commented following the recognitions. “A thank you goes a long way.”

Employees who reached service milestones in 2016 are:

Over 30 Years
Joseph Baldaia-31
Thomas Darby-31
Gwendolyn George-31

David Steuer-31
Paul Finn-32
Edward Green-32
George Truver-32
Charles Peckham Jr.-33
Gary Silva-33
Lee Rice-34
Guy Weston-36
Richard Wingert Jr.-36
James Crowell-38

30 Years
Francis Egan Jr.
Edward Harrigan
Antonio Jorge
Joseph Nicholson Jr.
Thaddeus Wadsworth

25 Years
Michael Eyre
Donald Guerrera
William Ramey
20 Years
Wayne Clark
Jonathan Cortes
Dennis Sullivan

15 Years
Jason Allen
Eric Barden
Matthew Corcelli
Bradford Cronin
Justin DeWolf
Michael Everin
Michael Ferreira
Julia Forgue
Christopher Garofalo
Eric Geoghegan
Allan Gray
Christopher Mariotti
Timothy Mills
Elizabeth Sceppa
Mark Simoes
Robert Spellman II
Marcia Stone

10 Years
Melissa Barker
David Downes
Michael Folliard
Greg Gizzi
Julie Henderson

Laura MacSweeney
Edward Marshall
Keith Nicodemus
Jade Phillips
Paul Ring
Daniel Young

5 Years
Wayne Beebe Jr.
Stephen Carrig
Carl Critz
Gregory Fater
Matthew Jepson
David King
Kevin Kosinski
Ryan Maloney
Kyle McKenna
Nicholas St. Lawrence
Jason Thurston
Michael Turskey Jr.
Edward Walsh

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