2017-01-12 / Around Town

Circle of Scholars Looks at Claus von Bulow Case

The Newport Circle of Scholars at the Edward King House will offer a five-week seminar beginning on Monday, Jan. 23, that looks at the Claus von Bulow case. The seminar, presented by Charles J. Heffernan, Jr., a retired Acting Justice of the New York State Supreme Court, will explore the evidence and legal issues presented in the sensational famous von Bulow litigations: the conviction at the 1982 Newport trial; the 1984 reversal by the Rhode Island Supreme Court; the acquittal at the 1985 Providence retrial; and the civil suit filed in New York federal court soon after the acquittal. Members will also participate in a practical exercise requiring them, as attorneys for the prosecution or defense, to interview and then evaluate the fitness of potential jurors for the first trial.

For registration information, visit edwardkinghouse.org.

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