2016-12-29 / Opinion


Keep the New Broadway Clean

To the Editor:

First off, congrats to the city on the completion (mostly) of the revitalization of Broadway. Aside from a few minor items that need to be completed (What is going to replace the wooden covers in front of the police station? What is happening at Broadway and Marlborough?), the upgrades look phenomenal and combined with the holiday lighting, the neighborhood has never felt more welcoming.

That said, the cleanliness of the new look is being thwarted by the abundant litter along the sidewalks, especially the cigarette butts that have fallen trapped between the bricks lining the new parking spaces. Perhaps this problem was always there and just unnoticeable due to normal rainfall washing the litter into storm drains and into our waterways (another issue entirely), but the new brick inlays have created a circumstance where litter is trapped among the gaps and I suspect immovable by normal street sweeping means. Is there something that can be done by the city to help quell this issue? There are cigarette receptacles outside a few conscientious establishments, but even those seem underutilized.

Can we please all work together to keep the rubbish to a minimum? This city has spent so much money to make Broadway more beautiful, the least we can do as citizens is to help keep it that way.

Anderson Reggio

Dedicated Public Servants

To the Editor:

This is a note of praise for Newport Public Works employees, and to Lee Rice, his partner, and coworker Christine for their excellent, professional, and caring conduct.

This group of public employees took my request for a new sidewalk in front of my home on Marchant Street in Newport. New landscaping turned the below-grade sidewalk into a mud flat when it rained or due to watering of shrubs.

Lee Rice and his partner spoke with me personally and explained that the late in the season timing, already existing work schedule, and severe cutbacks in staff would make the work problematic, but they would try to fit it in, if possible.

Two weeks later, when I returned to Newport, I had a beautiful new sidewalk and threshold. Thanks in part to good weather, but mostly by dedicated public employees who kept a small job on the to-do list.

The City of Newport is fortunate to have such dedicated public servants on the job.

Linda Perry

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