2016-12-01 / Around Town

Healers Lead Female Empowerment Workshops

Frustrated by the misogynistic headlines during the presidential election, two local healers joined forces to teach local women to stand strong.

“We want women to develop the tools to develop their feminine powers and effect social change,” said Christine McCullough, a holistic counselor and tarot card reader. McCullough, along with Cathy Pagano, a Jungian-trained psychotherapist and author of the book "Wisdom Daughters: How Women Can Change the World," are hosting a series of workshops called “Goddess Rising: Empowerment Through the Divine Feminine.”

“As elders, Cathy and I feel it is important to show young women that they are strong and connected to a rich history through story, ritual and discussion," said McCullough. She pointed to matriarchal traditions in Native American history where the grandmothers had the final say of the tribe. “Their word was law,” she added.

The archetypal energies of feminine power can be found in the stories of the ancient goddess of the world, as well as within women’s own souls, she said.

Both men and women are welcome to attend the session.

The first class, which is offered by donation, will be held Dec. 4 at Gather Tea Shop located at 312 Broadway, Newport at 1 p.m. For more information, call 401-314-4014 or sarah@gatherherbs.com.

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