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Middletown parents don’t need a calendar to tell them that Wednesday, Aug. 31, was the first day of school; an equally as reliable, sure-fire indicator is the appearance of school buses. The large yellow transports, above, are seen queuing up for an enthusiastic young flock at Aquidneck Elementary School. The lunch boxes are likely to be empty and the backpacks full as the 375 students head home to parents and siblings, eager to share tales of the first day. Brittney Schuchmann, one of the school's four kindergarten teachers, ensured that students made their way to the right bus. The process will begin for Newport students in grades 1-12 next Wednesday, Sept. 7, and on Friday, Sept. 9 for kindergarteners. For those seeking a light at the end of the tunnel, barring snow days and bomb threats, the Middletown school year will end on June 16; in Newport the final day is June 26. (Photo by Kirby Varacalli)

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