2016-08-25 / News Briefs

Newport in Bloom Presents Awards

Nearly 115 entries were judged citywide for this year’s Newport in Bloom competition. At the awards ceremony on Aug. 24 the winners in various categories were recognized at the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

The Best Overall Garden City Wide was presented to Nancy Oliveira for her garden at 38 Holten Ave.

The Best Overall Container

Award was given to Maureen &

Bob Ziegler at 32 Prescott Hall Rd.

Residential Awards – Area 1
1st Place: 9 Pennacook St., Maryann
& Bob Cross
2nd Place: 63 Third St., Carol Nagle
3rd Place:19 Willow, Sharon Siegl
Container Awards – Area 1
1st Place: 65 Third St., Pat Ludwig
2nd Place: 37 Elm St., Nancy & Carl
3rd Place: 34 ½ Hall Ave., Mary Beth
Newcomer Award – Area 1
38 Thurston St., Maureen Curran
Residential Awards – Area 2
1st Place: 3 Kay Terrace, Chris &
Justin McLaughlin
2nd Place: 66 John St., Sheila Smith
3rd Place: 84 Kay St., Victoria &
Allen McCoy
Container Awards – Area 2
1st Place: 10 Whitwell Place, Jean
2nd Place: 8 Gibson Park Place,
Nancy Dyman
3rd Place: 65 Kay St., Valerie Scheinfeldt Newcomer Award – Area 2
86 Mill St., Ginny & Jim Purviance
Residential Awards- Area 3
1st Place: 50 Morton Ave., Adrienne
2nd Place: 12 Atlantic St., Elaine &
John Lynch
3rd Place: 49 Bateman Ave., Deborah & Harry Winthrop
Container Awards – Area 3
1st Place: 81 Middleton Ave., Agnes
& Brian Martin
2nd Place: 13 Coddington Wharf,
Marion Maroney
3rd Place: 7 Carey St., Peter Quarry
Neighborhood Award
30, 29, 26 Thomas St., Susan Tierney, Kathy O’Keefe, JoAnn & Henry
Newcomer Award – Area 3
64 Middleton Ave., Frank Modelli
B&B’s Awards
1st Place: Victoria Skylar B&B, 102
Second St.
2nd Place: Anna Pell House, 26
Mary St.
1st Place: Bellevue Shopping Center 2nd Place: The Fifth Element,
3rd Place: Brick Market Place
Community Plantings
1st Place: Friends of King Park
2nd Place: Friends of the Waterfront 3rd Place: Tie–Jesus Saviour Church
and St. John’s on The Point

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