2016-08-25 / News Briefs

Municipal Court

Newport Municipal Court faced 42 cases on Aug. 22, Judge Russell Jackson presiding. All were rescheduled.

There were 7 cases of prohibited noise disturbances. All were rescheduled either to Sept. 12 or Sept. 19. There were four cases of urinating in public. They were all rescheduled to Aug. 29 or Sept. dates.

There were 7 cases of open container/ drinking in public. All were rescheduled to Aug. 29, except for one case set for Sept. 26.

There were five cases of a minor in possession. All cases were rescheduled to Aug. 29 and Sept. dates. There were 7 cases of noise disturbances prohibited. They were rescheduled to various dates.

A case of possession of a prohibited air gun was rescheduled for Sept. 12. A case of staying past closing hours of parks and beaches was rescheduled to Sept. 26.

Two cases of parking without a sticker were rescheduled.

Three cases of general zoning violations were all reset to later dates.

A case of speeding was rescheduled for Sept. 19 and a case of illegal parking was rescheduled.

Two zoning charges of allowing trash and vegetation to accumulate were continued to Sept. 19. The six other zoning charge arraignments of inappropriate storage placement of household items were all rescheduled to Aug. 29 and Sept. 19 dates.

Two defendants charged with storage between collections saw their hearings reset for Aug. 29.

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