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Candidate Announcements

To the Editor: I am a candidate for the Middletown School Committee because I believe in public education and I believe I can make a real contribution to public education in Middletown. Although I have been immersed in an environment which values education my entire life, I make no claim to special knowledge of educational practices. I was a naval officer for 20+ years, then a principal engineer for Electric Boat. I am a 35 year resident of Middletown. My two sons graduated from MHS and my wife taught at Gaudet Middle School for over 20 years. I served on numerous of town committees and the Middletown Town Council. I understand and appreciate our educational process, and the challenges facing public education. I believe my broad-based experience in public service to Middletown will contribute to our School Committee. See my Facebook page for the full version of this letter.

Richard (Dick) Adams

To the Editor: I am Richard Rom, candidate for Senate District 12. I was told that a campaign could cost thousands of dollars...that was not going to fly so I came up with an alternative. I sold items to finance my campaign and hit the road. My campaign has turned into an experience so much better than I could have imagined! I have been humbled and encouraged speaking with regular folks just like me who are worried about the very same issues. Corruption, taxation, mandates and tolls are issues of concern coming up time and time again. My plan: win the primary September 13, the general election Nov. 8 and work full time to repair the economic decline of our beautiful state. Contact me any time for information, questions or concerns, and please wave when you see the guy with the signs biking through your neighborhood!

Website: romforsenate.org
Facebook: Rom for Senate
Richard Rom

Editor’s Note: Full election announcements from numerous candidates can be read on the NTW website, newportthisweek.com, under the “Election News” button at the far right of the tool bar.

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