2016-08-04 / Front Page

Endless Summers

Second Beach lifeguard Jenny Barrack, who grew up in Wellesley, Massachusetts, but spends summers in Middletown, perches on life guard stand Number Six Wednesday afternoon, looking for trouble. This week – from Monday, Aug. 1 through Saturday, Aug. 6 – marks the 40th year of the Rhode Island Lifeguard Tournament. Contests testing prowess in swimming, rowing, paddling, and running are being held throughout the week at beaches around the state. On Tuesday evening they gathered at Second Beach. On Friday evening at First Beach, Jenny will compete in a “torp” relay – lifeguard parlance for the orange-red, torpedo-shaped rescue buoy familiar to anyone who’s ever watched “Baywatch.” Barrack, who is a junior at Connecticut College, says she hasn’t had any water rescues this summer, but has been involved in a few “beach incidents.” A veteran of many summers keeping a watchful eye, she already plans on returning for the summer of 2017. (Photo by Kirby Varacalli)

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