2016-07-28 / Opinion


Stand Up to Moneyed Interests

To the Editor:

The Newport Beach House, owned by Longwood, has replaced the longtime Atlantic Beach Club. Channeling Donald Trump, the new owners have displayed an arrogance that places money and privilege over their obligations to the community in which they reside. Not content with asking for and receiving permission from the Middletown Town Council to serve alcohol on the beach, now they have decided that views of the ocean, once a daily part of community life, shall be reserved for only those with enough money to rent their facility. They have built a fence that obstructs any view of the ocean.

One has to look no farther than the obstacle course that is Thames Street in Newport to see the results of a government that, for decades, was and remains subservient and docile to the moneyed interests. Not content with a business climate that lasts a few months every summer that then becomes a wasteland of vacancies, the Newport City Council over the years has presided over the destruction of the waterfront to the point where views of the water, much like Newport Beach House, are only available for a price.

In addition, it has been reported that the Longwood people plan to ask beachgoers and fisherman to leave the beach, their beach, when Longwood is hosting events. The only question now is whether the Middletown Town Council will adopt the same posture as their counterparts in Newport. Will they bend over presenting themselves as willing participants to this nonsense, or will they stand up and require Longwood to behave in ways that benefits Middletown and its residents and not just their financial bottom line?

Lawrence Frank

Thoughts on Voting

To the Editor:

There were two letters in the July 21 issue worth commenting upon, so I will.

First, "Repeal Voter ID Restrictions" written by Joseph M. Hall, Esq. Repealing voter ID is such a foolish idea. Heck, I even have to show a photo ID with my membership card before I can tour a mansion. I don't mind. I'm certainly over 65 and I managed to get an ID all by myself. A photo ID is a necessity these days for just about everything and does not hamper the voting process. Call up those legislators and say so.

Second is the letter entitled "Not Refreshing" by Alice Ellovich, which was a perfect example of the thinking of those who have worked in state government for years. Trashing Trump is the rule of the day for those who benefit from the status quo. Donald Trump is against illegality and that should be the stance of every officeholder and office seeker in America, no matter their party affiliation. Let the voters decide. Here in Rhode Island we've seen how the current policies have affected our progress. If we don't like how the state is going, then it really is time for a change.

Mary Weston

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