2016-07-28 / Front Page

The Only Way is One Way

On Tuesday of this week, work began on the next step of the Broadway Streetscape Project, which involves constructing the decorative crosswalks. Human impact: Traffic on Broadway from Equality Park to Marlborough Street is reduced to one lane, heading out of town. Marcus Wheatland Boulevard is the detour that takes cars in to Washington Square. Human nature impact: A lot of this seems like an exercise in how well we can read instructions. “Please note,” says a nicely-written memo from Robin Walsh, RIDOT’s Resident Engineer for Construction Management, “the angled parking on the west side of Broadway and the parallel parking on the east side of Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Boulevard will change direction to match the temporary direction of traffic.” The less technical piece of advice is that we should just all try to go with the flow. The work is estimated to take about six weeks. (Photo by Kirby Varacalli)

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