2016-07-07 / Front Page

The Plots Thicken

Trip Wolfskehl, left, and his children, Zeke and Juni, tend to the family’s community garden plot at the Great Friends Meeting House, on the corner of Farewell Street and Marcus Wheatland Boulevard. Nearby, fellow gardener Kate Dana weeds and waters a plot she shares with friend Sandy Nesbitt. All are in agreement that the garden has blossomed as a community affair. Marilyn Warren, executive director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, one of the overseers of the garden, agrees. “We have one woman and her three daughters who are there almost every day, and on the weekends,” she reports. Another gardener “comes in all the time to tell us of the progress of his bed. He is farming it with two other residents, and they already have plans for the fall. I have never seen him so happy. I think [this] has given him a new lease on life.” (Photo by Kirby Varacalli)

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