2016-05-26 / Opinion

Reflections on Building Smarter

To the Editor:

Reading Rep. Lauren H. Carson’s “Rhode Island Must Build Smarter” in Newport This Week on May 19, I can agree with much of the article on being smarter on coastal construction going forward, but basing such on a questionable premise of a catastrophic rise in ocean levels does it an injustice. Street flooding is more of a factor of infrastructure runoff and not a factor of the ocean and especially in older cities that are fighting a difficult battle of keeping up with aged facilities.

The global warming crowd (changed to "climate change" for PR purposes) is NOT settled science and we are not deniers. As many, if not more, scientists, those not getting lucrative grants for a predetermined outcome, believe that nature is doing its usual thing of constantly changing. Air temperatures have decreased over the last 20 years and Antarctica is growing at a sustained pace, while the Arctic is acting differently.

The chairperson of the United Nations Sustainable Development and Climate Change Committee has publicly stated twice that wealth redistribution is the UN’s goal in their efforts. Since such is not settled science, all efforts on our part for smart waterfront development should stand on their own merits here in Newport and not on questionable catastrophic sea level changes.

What needs to be guarded against in these laudable goals as stated by the representative is that a regulatory morass does not take place, further burdening the public as we have seen in recent years where $15,000 per U.S. person in regulations is foisted on the public coming out of our Environmental Protection Agency. I recommend that we stay local with our city planner, Planning Board, Zoning Board and City Council in everything that we do, with minimal input or direction from Providence and Washington, D.C.

Bill Falcone

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