2016-05-19 / News Briefs

JYC Race Results

The Jamestown Yacht Club held the second race in its spring series on Tuesday, May 17. The following are the results for the race:

A Class: 1. White Witch, King 40, White Witch Sailing/T. Glackin; 2. The Cat Came Back, Swan 42, Linc Mossop III; 3. Vento Solare, J/109, Bill Kneller; 4. Hidalgo, Mod Express 37, Rich Moody; 5. Picante, J/109, John Sahagian.

B Class: 1. Fast Lane, J/24, Harry & Ann Lane; 2. Aurora, Tartan 41, A & J Kallfelz; 3. Epiphany-33673, S2 9.1, Jeff Roy; 4. Evangeline, Morris M-36, Howard Balloch.

C Class: 1. Lynx, J/29, Dennis Nixon; 2. Duck Soup-42700, C&C 37/40 XL, J Nickson/B Clavin; 3. Epiphany- USA025, E33, Nick & Wendy Bowen; 4. Summer Wind, Scampi 30 II, Tripp Alyn.

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