2016-05-19 / Front Page

Middletown Police Interview Man After Complaints

The Middletown Police Department is warning of a suspicious man who has reportedly been looking into yards and photographed a child. Police said that over the course of several weeks, they received multiple, similar complaints in the area of Boulevard and Miantonomi Avenue about a man with “striking gray hair.”

“We have increased plain clothes officers to the area and interviewed a person of interest. Since then, we have not received more complaints,” said Middletown Lt. Jason Brown.

On May 2, police briefly detained a 44-year- old man from Newport with “white blonde hair” who was reportedly peering over a fence at two young children playing on Fenner Avenue.

When police arrived, the man said he used to live at a house that was listed for sale in the area, according to the police report. No charges were brought, as police were unable to identify him as the subject of the previous complaints, said Brown. Police said they contacted the man’s mother, who confirmed his story of the house for sale.

Police described the man seen in the area as approximately 5’10” tall, weighing 190 pounds and driving a Mazda pickup truck.

Residents who have any information regarding this or any other suspicious or criminal behavior are asked to contact the Middletown Police Department at 401-846- 1104 or the anonymous tip line at 401-842- 6516.

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