2016-05-12 / Front Page

Signs of the Times

How we wish that the “End Road Work” sign above was intended for the whole length of the Broadway streetscape. Steps away from where this photo was taken at the corner of Marlborough Street and Dr. Marcus Wheatland Boulevard, with the Quaker Meeting House in the background, the third and final section of sidewalk is being removed. Further up the street, pavers are being laid and parking spaces are returning. The street is indeed looking brighter at night with new historic-looking lighting and this week this colorful tulip bed was at its peak. A little patch of hope and polychromatic beauty, only yards away from a less-than-pretty Broadway project. During the final phase, there will be a virtual pocket-sized park design for the Broadway and Marlborough intersection. That being said, from all accounts the real “End Road Work” is quite ahead of schedule! (Photo by Kirby Varacalli)

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