2016-04-21 / Front Page

A Shroud of Improvement

(Photo by Kirby Varacalli) (Photo by Kirby Varacalli) For nearly a month now, the Colony House has been ensconced in a lightweight mesh shroud as craftsmen repoint the façade’s 18th-century bricks and repair and patch the brownstone around the windows. The state-funded project also includes modernizing the bathrooms inside. Ruth Taylor, Newport Historical Society executive director and overseer of the former Statehouse said, “I’m pleased that the state is making the investment in their most important historic building.” Designed by renowned architect Richard Munday and built between 1736 and 1739, the Colony House is the fourth oldest Statehouse still standing in the United States. The work is due to be finished in early June for summer season tours and, as always, will be open for the annual Washington Square Fourth of July festivities, which includes the reading of the Declaration of Independence.

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