2016-03-31 / Opinion


Speak Up on Over-development

To the Editor:

I am writing regarding the unfair approval and construction of an oppressively oversized, shadow-casting two dwelling structure on a narrow plot of land, where the structure will loom over and cut out all clear space, sun, light and breezes and views of harbor water and gentle descending roof lines, a good and fair urban design, from residents dwelling to the north, south, east and west, to become an imposing block to their emotional well-being and their understanding of what is fair and ethical.

And for me, the neighbor to the east, my fighting spirit rises higher from the muddy pit created from the demolition, excavation and tree removal of the property, for the shadow casting structures larger footprint and foundation, that has collapsed part of my property and destroyed my full-sized trees and is now a threat to collapsing my driveway and my livelihood.

It is important to find one’s voice and use it! We can see all over town in every neighborhood how oversized structures are replacing the thread of our heritage and community. If you had a similar experience or you don’t like what is happening and want to see change to stop the defiling of our neighborhoods with imposing structures, then I urge you to write about your experience and how it has affected you. It is important for all Newport citizens and homeowners to tell their stories and voice their disapproval so that we are heard as one community saying “NO” to over-development, and “YES” to your rights to keep clear and open space at all heights. Mail your letters to City Hall so your voices can be heard.

I also urge all Newport citizens to attend one of the City of Newport Strategic Planning Community Forums. There will be two meetings on Wednesday, April 6, and Wednesday, April 20, that citizens can attend at 6:30 p.m. at the Pell Elementary School. Help shape your city’s future by participating in one of the two public forums.

Jeannine Bestoso

The oppression is on and real and my voice must be clear and heard, as those of many whose own, have been just a murmur and submissive as a stone left underfoot to be kicked, trampled and unknown, yet as one of those many we can all roll, tumble and follow along till our voices speak, one by one,and all together they join, and we are heard as mighty, loud and clear-a single one.

Jeannine Bestoso
(1951-not dead yet)

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