2016-03-31 / Front Page

Grass Roots Effort

(Photo by Jack Kelly) (Photo by Jack Kelly) More than three years later, reminders remain of the damage done by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 to Rhode Island’s shoreline. Many networks of protective dunes throughout the state were all but destroyed; in Newport, the section of Ocean Avenue that meanders past Hazard’s Beach would inevitably become a small pond following a nor'easter. For the past three years students from Rogers High School, under the direction of biology teacher Scott Dickison, have participated in the dune grass planting project, a collaborative effort between Hazard’s Beach Club, the City of Newport, and Save the Bay. Pictured here, l-r, Jillyan Frederick, Dickison, and Kyondrah Pimental join Save the Bay Restoration Specialist Wenley Ferguson, planting grass to help restore the dunes. Their efforts are starting to pay off, as many observed that the flooding in the aftermath of last week’s stormy weather was not nearly as severe.

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