2016-03-24 / Opinion

Celebrate Hockey's Success

To the Editor:

As a parent of a player on the local Rogers/Middletown/ Rocky Hill (RMR) co-op varsity hockey team, I am still depressed 48 hours after their game three overtime defeat at the hands of crosstown rival Portsmouth.

However, as a hockey player myself, as co-president of the RMR hockey boosters club, as a past coach and board member of Newport County Youth Hockey Association (NCYHA) and as an overall booster of anything to do with hockey here locally, I can only be extremely pleased with last weekend’s semifinal series between RMR and PHS. What a great tribute to the success of ice hockey here on Aquidneck Island!

We witnessed 500-plus fans at each of the three games played. Not only was there a great level of hockey being played by the student athletes, but they also showed great sportsmanship – especially after the game was over. Something that little kids, high school-aged fans, and parents alike, can learn from.

The young kids presently playing for NCYHA have new mentors to look up to with the student athletes from these schools. They now have visions of playing varsity hockey on their local school’s team and winning the game in OT in front of huge crowds. The goodwill created by this past weekend’s series should last a long time. Yes, I’m upset RMR lost, but I look forward to many more games and series down the road that will celebrate the continued growth of high school varsity hockey here on Aquidneck Island.

Paul Leys

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