2016-03-24 / Front Page

Can You Dig It … Again?

(Photo by Kirby Varacalli) (Photo by Kirby Varacalli) With the arrival of spring, the Broadway Streetscape project and its attendant army of cones, barrels, backhoes, and construction workers, is back on track. Last week’s return to full throttle after a winter hiatus has positioned the activity along the western side of Broadway. Divided into three segments, the first piece to be completed runs from Equality Park to Oak Street (at Newport Police headquarters). Pictured here, a construction worker at far right lays down the electric conduit for the streetlights planned for the widened sidewalks. According to RIDOT, each segment should take up to two months, much to the consternation of the merchants and business owners - and particularly the proprietors of the many popular restaurants and nightspots that make this end of Broadway so appealingly quirky and a large draw for people in the mood for good food and music.

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