2016-03-03 / Opinion

Animals Provide Comfort

To the Editor:

Are you going through a sad or difficult time? I recommend visiting the Potter League rescued animals that need your friendship and support. They will warm your heart. Consider adopting a true friend. Ultimately, animals are good for our mental health and well-being. They did it for me!

After I had a major stroke, I was admitted to the Village House Nursing Home with my mother, who had relied on me for her care. The Village House had three fun-loving dogs roaming around: a Lab, a Pug and a teacup Chihuahua. They brought happiness and joy to all. We had an opportunity to become friendly with those dogs and it lifted our spirits.

I have two funny stories. The Pug enjoyed waiting patiently for the elevator doors to open so she could visit patients on the second floor. She sure knew her way around! Another time was in the therapy room. The therapist put her Chihuahua on me while I was lying down connected to the electro stimulator machine to comfort and relax me. Well, she did! I was relaxed and the dog was so comfortable, she fell asleep!

After seven months at the nursing home, I got permission to go home. My mother never came home, she died. What a shock! We thought we would go home together.

When I arrived home, I realized my life had changed, being paralyzed and with my mother not home for me to care for. To lift my spirits, a good friend brought her adopted, lovable and friendly rescue dog to visit. This dog is full of life and playful. She brings me joy and happiness. I felt sure God gave me the opportunity for this remarkable dog to visit as a special gift of love and contentment in my life.

I wish many blessings to the Potter League staff for giving the rescue animals a safe haven with a lot of love while waiting for adoption.

Elizabeth Watts Newport

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