2016-02-04 / Opinion

Join the Cancer Crushers Team

To the Editor: I read your recent article about Mr. Crowley and Mrs. Martin. As a 12-year-old, I’m too young to donate bone marrow. My dad is too old. But I think many students and older people around Newport really want to help Mr. Crowley and Mrs. Martin. I have an idea and could use the help of your readers. Mr. Crowley has been a strong supporter of STEM education at Thompson Middle School. He wants all students to have great futures. He sees the potential in each student and sets high expectations for them. When I was in the fifth grade at Thompson, I participated in the 2013 Techno Expo. My dad and others in the community volunteered to help us understand technology careers that are available in Rhode Island. My dad told me this week about the “cancer marker” research that IBM supports through something called the “world community grid.” It’s an easy-to-use app that’s been around since 2004 and now analyzes important cancer data on a Mac, PC, or Android phone and sends it back to a research team. It’s a “big data” effort that has over 700,000 volunteers participating. I checked it out, found that it’s easy to install, and now I have several devices at home – including a smartphone – and at school silently working on cancer research data. Now, I feel like I’m actually a junior cancer researcher since I’m making a real contribution to help detect cancers much sooner. I hope readers will join me in doing something that will help more people beat cancer in the future. It’s easy. If you go to bitly.com/NewportCancerCrushers you can read about the world community grid, get the app, and automatically join the “Newport Rhode Island Cancer Crushers” team. I want Mr. Crowley and Mrs. Martin to beat the disease that has already hurt many of my relatives and friends. I hope you will join my team! Together, we can do something that will make a big difference. Thank you!

Mac Cullen, 7th grade Newport

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