2016-01-28 / Opinion

Lions Clubs Complete Eye Screening

To the Editor:

The Newport Lions Club, assisted by members of the Middletown Portsmouth Lions Club, recently completed visual acuity screening of more than 2025 elementary, middle and high school students on Aquidneck Island. When necessary, students were referred, through school nurses, for additional evaluation by eye care professionals. Both clubs also assist eligible students in obtaining eyeglasses.

The clubs are grateful to students, teachers and staff at participating schools, and especially to the following nurse coordinators: Cheryle Rosa, All Saints Academy and Aquidneck School; Kristina Sularz, The Bradley School; Cam Ventura, Forest Avenue Elementary School; Chris Vuolo-Fecteau, Hathaway Elementary School; Maureen Grimes, Cluny and Pell, and Carolyn Martin, Pell Elementary School; Nancy Souza, Portsmouth Middle School; Cathleen Hickey, Portsmouth High School; Valerie Druken, Rogers High School; and Lisa Buterbaugh, Thompson Middle School.

Gaudet Middle School students will be screened in the spring.

Newport Lions who participated included David Brock, Elizabeth and Martin Cohen, Marcia Cohen, Tara D’Angelo, Seth Kolator, Robert Leary, Larry Newsome, Hope Rubin, Jamie Russell-Smith, and Norann Warner. The participation of Salamatu Yakubu was also invaluable.

Vital to the success of the project were Middletown-Portsmouth Lions members Donna Barker, Donna and Roger Greer, Marlene Harrington, Adrianna and Michael Haws, Bruce Long, and Fred and Sue Santos.

Thanks also to Vision Works professionals optometrist Dr. Brittany Silva, and optician Caroline Davies, who did retesting at Portsmouth Middle School.

We are also grateful to Justine Davis, Chris Sheup, and Erica Wood, the volunteers from Pell School, and Roxanne Maraziti and Cheryl Abney from Thompson.

Elizabeth Cohen
Lions Sight Screening

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