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Yuks with Yannetty During Festival

By James Merolla

Comedian Joe Yannetty is a bit thinner these days, but his humor is still loud and large.

“I live in New Hampshire. It’s a nice place to live…if you are a tick.”

“I live in New Hampshire because my daughter lives there. I love my daughter. I hate her roommate, though. She calls her, ‘Mom.’ Everybody in New Hampshire has two cars for sale on their front lawn,” says Yannetty. “I had to put a sign in my car that said, ‘Not For Sale.’ People come knocking on the door, asking, ‘How much you want for the red car?’ ‘It’s not for sale.’ ‘Then WHY DID YOU PARK IT THERE, MAN?’ ”

Yannetty, a Boston native with solid Italian roots, survived throat cancer a couple of years ago. His accent remains thicker than his waistline, but he is also grateful for friends and colleagues who held fundraisers for him all over the country and on social media when his voice was useless.

“I couldn’t work for a long time. I couldn’t speak, the cancer was in my throat,” Yannetty will tell you. “I don’t call myself a cancer survivor. I’m a treatment survivor. Yeah, the cancer wasn’t bothering me at all. The treatment is: ‘We’re going to poison you and, hopefully, the cancer dies before you do.’”

Yannetty will be the comedy co-headliner with Buddy Fitzpatrick at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 19, as part of the Winter Festival which runs Feb. 12-21. The festival is presented by the Newport Comedy Series at the Hyatt Regency, Goat Island.

A seasoned professional, he draws on his travels, his Italian heritage, family situations and Boston blue-collar upbringing to bring comedy to audiences around the world. He has been a guest on dozens of television shows, and has headlined around the world.

Since 2004, he has performed on top cruise lines all over the seas.

“People were great. They had fundraisers all over for me,” said Yannetty in his routine. “My girlfriend says, ‘Let’s send happy thoughts.’ So she posted pictures on Facebook with no dates. So, there I am, people seeing me after the fundraisers, in Vegas, throwing dice, tossing money in the air, making it rain…”

Call 401-847-7666 or go to newportcomedy.com for reservations. $25/$20, w/bracelet; VIP, $55/$50 w/bracelet. Must be 15 or older to attend.

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