2015-12-31 / From The Garden

Guard Against Deer Damage

Plastic mesh safeguards shrubs from deer and other animals. Plastic mesh safeguards shrubs from deer and other animals. What was most noticeable in my gardens this past week (besides some buds) was the appearance of deer damage. It is fine if deer want to munch on my clumps of Italian parsley, but when they start to chew the bark on my trees, I take notice!

Protecting your garden for winter is not difficult at all. There is an array of supplies for protecting your shrubs, trees and rose bushes from deer (and rabbits) at hardware stores, including burlap, stakes and deer netting.

Chicken wire that is five feet high is perfect for protecting the trunks of trees. Make circles of wire about a foot larger than the trunk and put mulch at the bottom, which will keep the new barrier in place. Finish the project by securing with plastic-covered wire twist-ties.

Fencing is the best method for keeping deer out of your gardens and yards. If your property is large, look into electric fencing.

Take precautions now so as not to rattle your sense of humor; you will need to get through the winter!

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