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Meet Gumption and Glory
By Mark Gorman

Most bands specialize in one type of music. Our area is blessed with fabulous rock bands, R & B bands, jazz bands, reggae bands, and country bands. But today'’s featured musicians combine elements of many of these influences in a unique and refreshing way. Meet Gumption and Glory.

“This band features what I like to call West Kingston soul. It’'s a blend of reggae, soul, R & B and country,” explained guitarist and band founder Ray Gennari. “I didn’'t know how to describe our sound. I have a recording studio in West Kingston, so I figured that name would work,” he continued.

Gennari is not a newcomer to the local music scene. After graduating from high school in 1988, he headed off to URI and also became the trombonist in the newly-created, now iconic reggae band, The Ravers. Today, 27 years later, he is still with The Ravers as their bass player.

The musician estimates that he has been in over 100 bands since he was a kid. You read that correctly 100! He is comfortable playing guitar, keyboard and bass, and was the trombonist in the Grammynominated, world famous Roomful of Blues for several years.

His newest project, Gumption and Glory, is an idea he'’s been kicking around for many years. “I’ve never sung in any of my bands. The concept of writing the songs and fronting the band by singing and playing guitar was an exciting challenge for me. It really is the culmination of my 27 years in the music business,” he explained.

The exciting new band features six accomplished musicians: Jeff Fountain on drums, Joe Sabourin on bass, Nick Zambrotta on sax, Will Chilton on trumpet, Marco Leclerc on keyboards, and Gennari on guitar and vocals.

They are working on an album and aiming for a summer release.

Be sure to catch the group on Saturday, Jan. 2, from 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. at The Parlor, 200 Broadway. For more information and a sample of their music, visit gumptionandglory.com.

Mark Gorman is a retired high school guidance counselor and guitarist-vocalist who performs locally each week. This column has highlighted local musicians each week over the past year.

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