2015-11-25 / Opinion

So Much to Be Thankful For


Stop for a moment. It’s a time of thanks. Despite the frustrations and seemingly endless fiscal dilemmas the city and town councils and school departments present, we should all be thankful for their hard work and long hours dedicated to making our community the wonderful place it is.

And never mind that the state, the cities and towns and, yes, many individuals and families struggle each day to solve financial riddles that refuse to square themselves away.

Yes, we get frustrated with our state, city and town leaders. We often don’t agree with what they do. We often don’t like what they say to justify what they do. But think of it another way: They spend a lot of time doing it. In most cases they do their best to make the best of difficult circumstances, especially when it comes to finances.

Some are lawmakers who spend a lot of time for short money truly striving to make things better, not just for themselves but for all of us as well.

Considering the turmoil and violence in France and Europe. We should be thankful for the relative safety, freedom and prosperity we enjoy—and, truth be told, take for granted—here in the United States. We owe a debt of gratitude as well to the local policemen and firemen who live in our community, and who make it a safe and sane place to live. To all the keepers–men and women–of public and personal safety, we say, "Thank you."

On Thanksgiving, all of these folks deserve our heartfelt thanks. They really do.

Others deserve our gratitude just for their simple acts of generosity— unsung heroes who organize and contribute to food drives for the needy. Because of their efforts, many more people will be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal at home with all the holiday fixings.

Whether you’re stuffing a turkey, cutting innocent turnips into cubes, looking for extra chairs to scrunch everyone around the dinner table, looking for tickets to your favorite high school holiday football game or, whatever—just stop what you’re doing.

And then find just the right combination of words to say, “Thank you.”

That’s right. “Thank you.”

The need will continue into the Christmas season. We encourage everyone to share yet again with those less fortunate. Groups like the Salvation Army, Child & Family, the Boys & Girls Club, and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center will be devoting huge amounts of time to organizing gift baskets and adopt-a-family programs. Local children will benefit from your kindness.

A lot of shopping probably began weeks ago. We remind our readers to patronize the many island shops that make Newport so special. If you haven’t investigated the local merchants, do so. There is still a month to go.

Just one more thing for all of us to be thankful for.

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