2015-11-19 / Opinion

Consider 'Peace Park' for Broadway

To the Editor:

For a relatively small city, Newport is graced with a lovely scattering of neighborhood open spaces and parks. King Park has swimming, boating, ball playing, picnic tables and walkways, as well as wonderful vistas and a place for concerts. Morton Park is situated centrally for that neighborhood. There is also the playground at Van Zandt (formerly the Coggeshall school grounds); Perrotti Park; Storer's Park; Miantonomi Park; the park recently re-designed at Queen Anne Square; Eisenhower Park in Washington Square; Touro Park; Fort Adams; Brenton State Park; the open space in front of the historic Quaker Meeting House; Cardines Field playground; and countless others which I'm sure your readers will write in to remind me of.

I was so pleased to read of the Equality Park renovation. I wondered why the fence had been removed but your article ("Broadway Set for Winter Pause," Nov. 5) explained that. I've visited a small "peace park" in Massachusetts and was deeply moved by the concept. I remember thinking at the time that a peace park in every municipality would be a tranquil addition to any village, town or city. With the newly illuminated Lady Liberty in place, Equality Park could be a place of contemplation and calm in the midst of busy Broadway.

It is best to run these ideas past the people living closest to the places. I wonder if they would take to the idea of having a peace park on Broadway?

Maggie Bulmer

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