2015-11-05 / Opinion

Train Ride Hospitality

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the new owner of the Newport Dinner Train, Eric Moffett and his assistant, Cindy Brown, for the unusual hospitality that they showed on Friday evening, Oct. 30, during the Newport Community Police program's annual Halloween train ride.

The original plan was to make one run which was scheduled for 6 p.m. Apparently, the event was announced on social media and the community's response was overwhelming.

After having boarded well over 100 parents and children on the train, there were an equal number of people we were getting ready to turn away. A call was quickly made to the management of the Newport Dinner Train, and Mr. Moffett and his crew graciously agreed to make a second run for those remaining at the depot.

I would like to personally thank Peter Martin, who was instrumental as the liaison for the two organizations in securing a second train for the larger-than-expected turnout.

I would especially like to thank Eric Moffett, Cindy Brown and the rest of the Newport Dinner Train crew for going the "extra miles" to accommodate these members of our community, many of whom had never had the experience of riding on a train. Without these individuals, this event could not have been the great success that it was.

Officer Jimmy Winters Newport Police Department

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