2015-10-22 / Around Town

Daffodillion Update

For Newport’s daffodillophiles, the campaign to plant a million daffodils throughout the flowerbeds and roadsides of the city continues to be a resplendent success. The Great Daffodil Giveaway on Saturday, Oct. 17, first at Newport’s Easton’s Beach and later at Ballard Park, distributed more than 40,000 bagged bulbs (two dozen to a bag) to the open arms of enthusiastic local gardeners.

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015, it was a daffodil Back to the Future day (i.e., plant now for flowers next spring). Daffodillion’s new planting machine, fresh from Holland, was scheduled to perform its first major job: planting 25,000 bulbs, purchased by the city, along Cliff Walk in front of Salve Regina’s McAuley Hall. According to Daffodillion organizer John Hirschboeck, the planter hasn’t entirely replaced the need for human contact. “The actual digging and planting will be performed by the machine,” he said, "but volunteers are needed to tamp down the soil afterwards and to keep feeding the hopper with bulbs.” Thanks to the generosity of private donors and Daffodillion, the planter now belongs to the City by the Sea.

On Wednesday afternoon, Hirschboeck said they planned to distribute another 5,000 bulbs at the Farmer’s Market on Memorial Blvd. With a glance to the past, present, and future, Hirschboeck was optimistic: “Looks like we’re on course,” he noted, ”to exceed last year’s total of 104,000 distributed and planted.”

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