2015-10-01 / Front Page

Waves of Anticipation

When surfers begin to gather at Surfers’ End at Second Beach it is a sure sign that a hurricane, or hurricane-like weather, is moving in our direction. This translates, in the local surfer vernacular, to great waves. As of Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 30, The Weather Channel had provided area weather watchers with two viable scenarios for Hurricane Joaquin: It will either go out to sea after cruising by Cape Hatteras, or make landfall around southern New Jersey. Meteorologists say Joaquin is a much smaller storm than the “massive” Sandy. Aquidneck Island is, however, in the “cone of uncertainty,” and by next Monday we should expect heavy windswept rain. Nonetheless, the gray skies and downpours on Wednesday prompted flashbacks for most area residents of how we managed without power in the four- or five-day aftermath of Sandy; or further back, to Bob, or Gloria, or even 1954’s Carol. (Photo by Jack Kelly)

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