2015-09-24 / Senior Savvy

Will the Lobster Have Its Day in Newport?

We checked with two of the island’s busiest fishmongers— Aquidneck Lobster Company in Newport and Anthony’s Seafood in Middletown — to ask if either establishment had heard about the upcoming National Lobster Day and if anything special was planned. The answers: "No" and "No."

At Aquidneck Lobster Co. on Fatulli’s Wharf (where you can walk up and order a lobster for $5), a busy Jack O’Donnell stopped to talk about the “global” appeal of lobsters and the lobster boats bound for the Far East, where there are a “million millionaires wanting to serve Maine lobsters” at dinner parties. As far as O’Donnell was concerned, the center of the lobster universe was right in front of him, in the old Fatulli’s Wharf warehouse—now a restaurant serving everything from bisque to fritters to baked stuffed (at market price). Thirty or 40 years ago, he said, Aquidneck Lobster Co. was known as the largest lobster supplier in the region. “It bought more lobster from more lobster boats than any other place in New England,” he said. Back then, O’Donnell added, “That’s what they did.”

At Anthony’s Seafood in Middletown, which moved its wholesale ad restaurant business from Waite’s Wharf in Newport to Aquidneck Avenue in 1998, business was equally brisk. And National Lobster Day was not on anyone’s calendar there either, said Austin Coyne, who has had a lot of experience selling them and who estimated that Anthony’s sells and average of 400 lobsters a day. “That’s a lot,” he said.

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