2015-09-17 / Opinion

Actions Louder Than Words

To the Editor:

After hearing what happened at the School Committee meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 16, I have to comment. This group is charged with the education of our youths but refuses to do what is in the best interest of the students. I was shocked when the Superintendent stated that the opening of a needed third grade class would not happen because the number of students affected was not as high as what was previously agreed on. And no comments from the taxpayers were allowed at the meeting. Why?

Is this a deliberate attempt to violate the contract that they agreed on with the teachers? One over is the number in the contract; what number this group has decided after signing a contract is unknown.

This body, who took a solemn oath to educate our children, has decided it is good to allow an 8- year-old child to start a new grade and establish a zone of comfort with a new teacher, classroom and classmates only to be removed from that class and be part of a new one with a new teacher, room and classmates and to start learning at a third-grade level again because a number they like, not the contracted one, has not been reached. Next if there is a low test score they blame the teachers. Have they no mirrors at home?

These are the same people who when the election comes again will brag how much they care about the kid. Action speak much louder than words. I for one will remember.

Jack Milburn


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