2015-09-10 / Opinion

Committee Should Do the Right Thing

To the Editor:

Growing up, our parents and teachers taught us to work hard and do the right thing. The Newport School Committee's decision to generate less than $90,000 annually in exchange for an intrusive cell tower, that in essence prohibits my family and my neighbors from uninhibited enjoyment of our own backyards, does not fall under the definition of doing the right thing. The Golden Rule has been ignored by the exact people we entrusted to protect and lead our children.

We ask that the committee grant us relief from the cell tower's infringement on our personal space by officially giving notice to the cell providers that their contracts will not be renewed at least 120 days prior to the 365-day automatic renewal date requirement for each contractual provider. The citizens of Newport did not vote for members of the School Committee to function as lobbyists for cell providers.

I invite committee members to look at that cell tower from our backyards, and give us the same respect and consideration you would expect for your own backyards.

Leslie Foster

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